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How much are tickets to ride the train?

Generally, ticket prices are from $15 and up - depending on the type of event, included amenities, and the length of the trip.

Children ages 2 and younger ride for FREE - IN THE LAP OF A TICKET-HOLDING ADULT.

How much does a Season Pass cost?

The price for Season Passes is listed below: INDIVIDUAL
$62.99 through Jan. 31
$95.99 from Feb. 1 - 29
- Unavailable after February -

$227.99 through Jan. 31
$349.99 from Feb. 1 - 29
- Unavailable after February -

You can find more information and purchase passes at SeasonPass.OhioRiverTrain.com

Train Rides

Where does the train go?

The Ohio River Scenic Railway operates on the Hoosier Southern railroad ("HSRR"). The HSRR is 22 miles long and runs between Lincoln City, IN and Cannelton, IN.

Our trains and events are based out of the Southern-most depot on the line, located in Tell City, IN. Plans exist to develop stations in Lincoln City, IN and Santa Claus, IN to allow for more boarding options along the line.

Currently, our trips departing Tell City will only travel up to 10 miles round trip, while our trips departing Lincoln City can travel up to 28 miles round trip.

How long are the rides?

Train rides vary significantly in length. Some train rides will operate as frequent shuttles for special events while others will traverse large portions of the line. Typically, the duration of a train trip can range from 45 minutes (shuttle) to 4+ hours (scenic tour) round trip.

Season Pass

What is a Season Pass?

Season Passes are a fantastic and economical way to ride our trains as much as you want all season long! Each pass is assigned to an individual and may be used an unlimited number of times to reserve a single seat on ANY of our regular or special event train rides throughout the year.

Season Passes are NOT transferable and are valid ONLY for the reservation of a seat on the train. Additional upgrades such as food, beverages and souvenirs may be available on certain trains to all passengers, and are offered at a discounted rate to Season Pass holders.

**Pass holders MUST reserve their seat AT LEAST 48 hours in advance to ensure that there is room on the train.**

Seating IS NOT guaranteed to any Season Pass holder who does not reserve his or her seat ahead of time.
GROUP PASSES: Anyone purchasing a "Group of 4" pass shall designate the three (3) additional group passes as either 1.) an assigned adult pass or 2.) an un-assigned transferable child pass. A pass designated as a transferable child pass may be used interchangeably for children age 12 and younger who are children or grandchildren of the primary pass holder, as long as he or she is present and accompanies the child(ren) during the ride. An adult pass may only be used for the individual (age 13+) to whom the pass has been assigned. Once designated, a pass may not be re-designated as any other type of pass. The price for Season Passes is listed below: INDIVIDUAL
$62.99 through Jan. 31
$95.99 from Feb. 1 - 29
- Not for sale after February -

$227.99 through Jan. 31
$349.99 from Feb. 1 - 29
- Not for sale after February -

You can purchase season passes at SeasonPass.OhioRiverTrain.com


What is your refund policy?

There are NO REFUNDS issued unless the scheduled train does not operate. (All trains operate RAIN, SHINE OR SNOW.) Season Pass holders may NOT request a refund of their Season Pass purchase price AFTER it has been redeemed for one (1) or more rides. Due to the unpredictable nature of operating a railroad, train departure and arrival times may be delayed. However, it is our top priority to make every reasonable effort to keep every train running on time.

If you believe that you are owed a refund, please fill out our contact form on the "Home" page of our website with the subject, "Refund Request".

Can infants and toddlers ride the train?

Yes! Children ages 2 and younger can ride the train for FREE as long as they ride in the LAP of a ticket-holding adult.

Are strollers, waggons, bags, coolers and other personal carriers allowed on board the train?

Small carry-on items are allowed on the train, as long as the fit under the seat or in the overhead racks (only available on the coaches).

Largers items, such as strollers and waggons, MAY be accomodated depending on available space in the passenger car or the baggage car (if one is connected to the train). Please indicate if you have a large carry-on item with your ticket reservation.

**The Ohio River Scenic Railway is NOT responsible and may NOT be held liable for any personal items that are brought onto the train. It is each passenger's SOLE RESPONSIBILTY to protect and secure his or her personal belongings.**

Are outside food and drinks allowed on the train?

Sometimes. On trains where food is NOT being served onboard, it is permissible to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages on board. But each passenger is responsible for maintaining a clean seat and environment by placing all trash in the prosper trash receptacle on the train or after disembarking from the train.

Are outside alcoholic beverages allowed on the train?

No. Outside alcoholic beverages are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on all trains.

Certain special events trains MAY have alcoholic beverages served by an approved, licensed liquor-vendor. At NO TIME may outside alcoholic beverage be brought on the train. Any passenger found to be in possession of outside alcohol will be escorted off the train at the nearest station or depot and may be prohibited from riding any future trains.

**The Ohio River Scenic Railway encourages all passengers to drink responsibly and to NEVER drink & drive! We and our licensed vendors reserve the right to request valid ID to verify the age of any passenger located where alcohol is being served. All train personnel and licensed vendors are instruced to refuse service to ANY passenger who appears or is believed to be intoxicated.**

General Behavior & Expectations

Every passenger has the right to a peaceful experience on our trains. All passengers are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner at all times.

Any passenger who engages in disruptive or profane behavior will be asked to discontinue the behavior by members of our staff. If any passenger continues to be disruptive after being asked to stop, he or she may be escorted to a different seat on the train. If the behavior continues, local law enforcement may be called onboard the train to escort the passenger(s) off the train.

Illegal drugs and outside alcohol are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on our trains and in any of our or our affiliates' facilites.

But most importantly, come to have fun!

Ticket Use Policy, Waiver & Indemnification

By using this ticket, the Passenger agrees (for himself/herself of his/her successors, heirs, executors, administrators, agent(s), contractors or other persons claiming through him/her): To hold harmless, release, waive and indemnify the Ohio River Scenic Railroad, LLC, its predecessors, parent, subsidiaries and affiliates, officers, and employees (collectively, the “Railroad”) from any and all injuries, liabilities or damages from participation in the trip, including but not limited to those occasioned in whole or in part by any act or omission of the Passenger; or whether or not it is contended that the Railroad contributed thereto in whole or in part; or whether the Railroad was responsible by reason of a non-delegable duty; and To accept the dangers associated with being on Railroad’s property of tracks and aboard passenger trains; passengers and property are in danger of possible injury, death or destruction incident to freight operations or other operations of the Railroad, whether by Railroad or others; and Passenger agrees that by purchasing and using the ticket, he/she: shall comply with all stated and customary terms, posted safety signs, rules, and/or verbal instructions given before, during or after the trip; and has read the above paragraphs / provisions and hereby knowingly and freely asserts that said participation in the trip is voluntary and assumes all risks of any injury to mind and body whatsoever arising out of, during, or in connection with participation or attempted participation in the trip, even if arising out of or in connection with any negligence of the Railroad.

Are service animals or pets allowed on board the train?

Only service animals, as defined by the USDOJ and Americans with Dsiabilities Act, ARE permitted on board our train. Due to the confined spaces and for the safety and comfort of all passengers, we do not allow non-service animals or personal pets to ride our trains.

For more information regarding the USDOJ and ADA guidelines, please navigate to this website: http://bit.ly/2RCzpuX


Are your trains accessible for passengers with disabilities?

Due to the historic nature of our equipment, we cannot guarantee accessibility for passengers with disabilities. However, we will make every effort to accommodate all passengers. If you would like to ride our train and have a specific question regarding accessibility, please contact us at (812) 548-6848 or send us an email at info@ohiorivertrain.com

Health & Safety

What precautions are you taking to protect passenger from COVID19?

Due to the COVID19 pandemic we are implementing the following changes to our operations in accordance with CDC, state, and local health agency guidelines and best practices:

50% Capacity June 20 - July 3: in accordance with Governor Holcomb's "Back on Track" reopening plan, we will be limiting ticket sales capacity for each of our trains to 50% of the maximum occupancy, on all rides occurring from June 20 - July 3.
Interior Sanitization: Liquid sanitizing equipment will be utilized to disinfect the interior of the train and all high-contact surfaces, between each train ride.
Extended Layover Time: Original train departure schedules have been altered to allow for additional layover time between trips to allow for adequate time to sanitize the interior of the train. (Unfortunately, this means we had to reduce the overall number of departures we offer each day, but our highest priority is the health and safety of our passengers and staff.)
Social Distancing: Individuals and groups will be asked to remain at least 6 feet apart while waiting to board, and while on board the train. Train staff will coordinate seating of individuals and groups to maximize social distancing while on board the train. (Please be respectful of and adhere to the seating assignments given to your group.)
Open Doors: In order to reduce the number of commonly touched surfaces, all doors will be propped open OR controlled by an attendant while passengers are boarding the train in order to avoid repetitive touching of those surfaces by passengers.
Temperature Screenings: Train staff will, as health protocols and best practices allow, be equipped with no-contact equipment to take external temperature readings of each guest boarding a train in order to screen for elevated body temperatures. Per CDC definitions, a person presenting with a body temperature reading of 100.4 °F [38 °C] or higher will be considered to have a fever and therefore not allowed on the train. The Ohio River Scenic Railway will gladly allow any guests being denied admittance due to elevated body temperatures (or other signs of infection per 42 CFR Parts 70 &71) to request a full refund or exchange of their ticket for another departure date that is at least 48 hours after the day of the original high temperature reading.
Wellness Prompt: Passengers will be prompted, either by an automated/electronic system or by one of our staff members, to determine whether or not all individual members of a group are feeling well, immediately prior to departure.
Personal Protective Equipment: In accordance with CDC, state, and local health agency guidelines, all train staff will be equipped with face masks, gloves, and other "PPE" that may be deemed necessary. Passengers are also welcomed and encouraged to wear face masks and gloves aboard our train.

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